1,000 chickens beaten to death with golf clubs after intruders break into Foster Farms

Four young men have now been arrested after what police say was the psychotic and sick killing of chickens at the Fresno-based Foster Farms chicken ranch.

Tips came into authorities after Fresno Farms noticed that one of its fences had been pulled back and suspects broke into one of the barns on Sept. 20.

In total, nearly 1,000 chickens were found beaten to death and police found remnants of a golf club left at the scene.

Police have now charged an 18-year-old man name Gabriel Quintero of Riverdale. Three other juveniles, including two 17-year-olds and a 15-year-old were also taken into custody.

All four now face charges of burglary and felony cruelty to animals.

Fresno County Sheriff’s office Deputy Chris Curtices said its possible other clubs were used beside a golf club.

You can’t do that much damage to animals and not have blood on your clothing. We want to find out who they are and get them off the street…it’s psychopathic behavior, it’s sick behavior. And people who will do this, it can definitely lead to other things.”

In total 920 chickens were beaten to death and the barns typically have several thousand chickens inside.

A spokesman for Foster Farms calls the break-in and the killings disturbing and a very senseless act of animal cruelty.

Foster Farms said the four suspects don’t have any connection to the farm.

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