150 cats rescued from hoarder house in Toronto

Toronto Cat Rescue says some 150 cats and kittens, many badly ill, have been found in a single city home.

The organization announced Friday the cats are in “desperate need” of medical care and foster homes.

“From thin coats, suffering from URI’s (upper respiratory infections), ear mites and generally in poor body condition – help can not come soon enough,” the group explained. “Time is of the essence to get these sweeties into our loving foster homes.”

Just two of the many, many cats found in a Toronto home. Photo: Toronto Cat Rescue/Facebook

The group is desperate for donations.

“It’s not easy for us to come back to you so soon, but simply put – we need your help. This many cats, in care for what most likely will be months, vet visits and medications – will take any reserves we have,” it posted.

Foster homes in Kitchener-Waterloo are stepping in to help around 50 of the animals. Rescue group in Toronto are also helping out.

More of the sick kittens saved from a hoarder house. Photo: Toronto Cat Rescue/Facebook

Hoarding, of course, is a difficult and complex problem.

Despite any good intentions a person may have, that many cats cannot live together safely or happily.

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