24 hours in California: Police, fire crews rescue trapped kitten, injured hawk

Sometimes they save cats up trees. Sometimes it’s kittens down sewers.

On Tuesday morning, emergency crews in Cupertino, Calif. responded to a call for a kitten down a drain.

“This 6-week old kitten got stuck in a storage drain on Chelmsford Drive in Cupertino,” police tweeted.

Kitten rescue begins. Santa Clara County Sheriff/Twitter

A deputy jumped down into action with help from local fire.

It’s a dirty job but somebody was definitely going to do it. Santa Clara County Sheriff/Twitter

Voila: Safely rescued kitten.

“Thank you Deputy Christian for bringing some sunshine to this gloomy day!” police said later.

The kitten was just fine. Santa Clara County Sheriff/Twitter

The sheriff’s officer later clarified it was the San Jose Fire Department that assisted in the rescue.

That fire department, by the way, went on to help an injured hawk.

“Crews continue to rescue animals of all kinds,” the fire department posted on Twitter Wednesday. “This time a hawk with an injured wing and leg was rescued by Engine 16’s crew.”

This is one lucky bird — and one handsome firefighter.

Firefighters helped an injured hawk. San Jose Fire Department/Twitter

The hawk was taken to San José Animal Care Center for treatment.

Photos Santa Clara County Sheriff/Twitter

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