4 baby squirrels found with their tails deliberately tied together and left on train tracks

There are some sick people out there, but this one is particularly disturbing.

Someone tied the tails of four baby squirrels together, braiding the tangled hair.

The squirrels were found by a kind-hearted person who brought them in to the Kensington Bird and Animal Hospital in Berlin, Connecticut.

The squirrels are alive and on their way to recovery. But unfortunately because their tails are broken, the squirrels’ tails may need to be amputated.

We cannot stress this enough: PLEASE LEAVE WILDLIFE ALONE!!!” the hospital posted on its Facebook page. 

The hospital is urging anyone who knows what happened or who is responsible to report the cruelty to authorities.

While some tail knotting of squirrels occur naturally in the wild, hospital staff said they are certain that this knotting was done deliberately.

“The tails were broken and braided together as well as tied together by a human made object.”

The location of where the squirrels were found was also an indicator that it was deliberately done and an act of animal cruelty, according to the hospital.

Photo: Kensington Bird and Animal Hospital 


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