8 goats are helping President Donald Trump pay less taxes at his NJ golf course

President Donald Trump often heralds his sane genius and his dexterity in navigating U.S. tax laws.

He demonstrating that with critters using a loophole that gives property owners who keep animals or insects on their property eligibility for farm exemptions. Bring in the goats, Trump might have said.

His Bedminster Golf Course in New Jersey is home to eight goats. Trump has never been shy about boasting his knowledge.

“I know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president and am the only one who can fix them.”

The appearance of goats on the golf course was first noted by the Wall St. Journal back in 2016.

“Because the properties have a goat herd, as well as hay farming and woodcutting, New Jersey law permits them to receive a farmland tax break. Therefore, Trump pays reduced property taxes on the parts of his golf courses dedicated to farming.”

The tax break is significant for the President. According to a analysis from the Huffington Post.

“Trump National Golf Club Bedminster shows that Trump is paying $88,067 less in property taxes in 2019 than he would have had those acres been taxed at the average rate of the land in the remainder of the golf resort.”

Robert Weisman of Public Citizen said:

“Looks like Trump is fleecing taxpayers yet again. What’s now become very clear is that a very substantial portion of the Trump fortune is due to tax evasion, including his evasion of taxes on his daddy’s wealth.”

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