Adele says Hello to Larry the cat at Vancouver’s Catfe

Singer Adele, who is in Vancouver for two concerts this week, stopped in at the city’s cat cafe and became an instant fan of Larry the cat.

Larry, however, remains non-plussed at the attention.

Leona Morrison, a purrista at Catfe told Global News:

 We had no idea she was coming…We were overfull and then there was Adele.”

Morrison said she didn’t recognize the singer at first and was about to tell her she looked like Adele, when she said she actually is the famous crooner and asked to come in for 10 minutes.

“She was with her son and someone else and they came in and found Larry and gave him some pats and they were here quickly and then just left,” she added.

Larry, who had already been adopted before his brush with fame, was more than happy to receive the affection.

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