After 665 days in shelter, finally it’s the Age of Aquarius for dog waiting to find its home.

It happened!!

The good people at Marion County Animal Services loved Aquarius, a pitbull mix who just never found her people. But this week, after two years of waiting, she was finally adopted.

Aquarius’ new owner Warren Robbins wasn’t intending to go to the shelter to look for a dog but a series of consequences led his family to the dog that really needed to find hers.

But Robbins was a big dog person and said Aquarius was the right fit.

“It almost seemed like she just knew the flow, that people were going to come in and just walk right by her,” said Robbins.

“I was just looking for a dog that was a little more calm and not so in your face, and so she just stuck out immediately.”

Over the last two years, Aquarius saw many other dogs and cats being adopted out. Here’s how she was described by the shelter.

Finally. She has a home. Photo: MCAS

Aquarius is a six-year-old mixed breed who truly needs to find her person. This pretty girl has now been at the shelter for 615 days and counting. She’s extremely affectionate, fun and silly. Although she’s not a good fit for a home with other pets, she’s super-loyal and full of potential!

It was almost a match that didn’t happen, though. The family hadn’t even been visiting the shelter, which became a no-kill agency in 2019, to look at dogs. 

“My wife is a big cat person, so we originally went to look at cats,” Robbins said. “I’m a big dog person, and I was like, ‘Well, let’s go ahead and take a look at the dogs as well,’ and she was I think the third dog in, and I just fell in love.” 

The family considered adopting both Aquarius, which he guesses is a hound/pit bull mix, and a cat.

Aquarius won out when they learned she needed a home without other animals, something that had deterred other potential adopters. 

In a Facebook post from March, MCAS offered an explanation as to why she hadn’t been adopted yet. 

“She needs to be the only pet in the home,” the post read. “She’s quite strong, so although she will sit politely while you place a leash on her, when it’s time to start walking this 70lb girl, you’d better be ready! She may have some separation anxiety, so she will need a heavy duty (escape-proof) crate for when her family is not at home. Also, kitchen counters should be clear of tasty treats and high-value food, or it may not be there long. The remote? Yeah, she might find that tasty, too.” 

The post continued that “Aquarius could truly be the love of someone’s life,” that “She’s a lot of dog in a beautiful, espresso-colored package” and that she is not for inexperienced dog owners. 

Thankfully, Robbins is not an inexperienced dog owner. 

“Like 2011, I adopted a 12-year-old red nose pitbull,” he said. “He was 12 years old, so I was kind of looking for an older dog because he had been the best dog I had ever had, and so it just worked out perfect.” 

In addition to her demeanor, another sign from the universe told Robbins that Aquarius was meant to be a part of the family. 

“It’s funny enough because I am actually an Aquarius myself, so when they told us her name, I was like, ‘OK, that’s the one,’ ” Robbins said. 

The family will keep her name Aquarius, and she already “absolutely loves” Robbins’ 2-year-old son. 

“(She’s doing) amazing,” he said. “She’s settled in right away. All she wants to do is give kisses and cuddle and be pet.” 

It’s puppy love. Photo: MCAS

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