Aggressive goose acts as bodyguard for mother duck and her eggs

Residents of a Utah neighborhood say they’ve spent more than a month dodging attacks from an aggressive goose acting as a bodyguard for a mother duck and her eggs.

The goose, nicknamed “Gangsta the Goose” by locals, was seen aggressively chasing after anyone the bird perceived to be getting too close to the nest.

Residents John and Narelle Canaan said they ended up using umbrellas to scare Gangsta into keeping his distance while they were leaving or arriving at their home.

The couple said officials with the local homeowners’ association came to investigate the goose complaints, but Gangsta chased them away.

Residents said the eggs have now hatched, but Gangsta has not abandoned the family — he was recently seen escorting the mother and ducklings to a local lake.

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