Air Bud? New top dog in town for the Calgary Stampeders

Better not tell Ralph the Dog.

But the Calgary Stampeders football team has a new top dog.

The Canadian Football League team has a new foster puppy and the adorable pooch is looking for a name.

“We’ve got a new member on our squad!” the team announced Friday. “Thanks to the Cochrane and Area Humane Society and Kendra Watt, we’ll be helping foster this puppy all season!”

Cuddles on the gridiron will also be given.

The newest member of the Grey Champion Calgary Stampeders.

The Stamps, by the way, are also known for their touchdown horse named “Quick Six,” which gallops down the sidelines after each touchdown.

“The long-standing tradition at Stampeder football games was enhanced in 1993 when the Stampeders introduced a white gelding to match the team’s trademark logo, the white mustang,” the Stamps explain. “’Quick Six’ was introduced in 2003 and continues until the present day.”

Ralph the Dog is probably okay with the new addition to the critter pool.

After all, he’s the first mascot in CFL history.

“Some would say the best, but bragging isn’t my style,” boasts his Twitter account.

The team’s new “retriever receiver” already is fielding name suggestions.

Everything from Champ and Grey, in honour of the defending Grey Cup Champions, to Stamps and Touchdown has been suggested.

Stay tuned for the pup’s new handle.

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