Alicia Silverstone’s day at the farm

Alicia Silverstone, perhaps known as much for her acting career as her vegan lifestyle, recently gushed about her visit with son, Bear, to Farm Sanctuary in southern California.

Farm Sanctuary, which is aims to protect farm animals from cruelty and educate the public about vegan living, meshes nicely of course with Silverstone’s lifestyle manta, The Kind Life, which is a guide to “healthy, green, eco-friendly living.”

“This was Bear’s first time at the Farm Sanctuary and he was beyond excited to see and play with all of the animals,” the actress wrote. “He brought along some of his best friends to join in on the experience.”

A photographer captured the day of feeding and cuddling cows, pigs, goats, sheep, geese and chickens. But the adventure wasn’t just about Bear and friends cavorting with some critters. Silverstone, probably best known as the fashion-conscious teen in Clueless, used the visit as an opportunity to talk about the treatment of farm animals used in human food production.

“We were lucky enough to meet one of the farm’s newest members, Safran the baby calf,” Silverstone wrote. “Safran had been saved from a nearby dairy operation and arrived on the farm very weak and hungry. The Farm Sanctuary gave him some extra TLC and he was particularly excited to see us and decided to show his love with some ticklish licks and nibbles. He was so much fun and absolutely adorable.”

Photo Stephanie Todaro

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