Animal testing breeder gives up 23 beagles to Animal Humane Society in Minnesota

Veterinarians in Minnesota are now assessing 23 dogs relinquished by an unnamed facility that breeds animals for testing.

The dogs, all beagles ranging in age from two months to 8-years-old, are now in the care of the Animal Humane Society, which started assessing their medical and behavioural status over the weekend.

“Most were born into and forced to live in small, unsanitary cages,” the humane society said in a series of social media posts. “Some are frightened. Many will require medical care. They’ve never known love, kindness, or comfort — that is, until they arrived at AHS.”

Eight of the dogs are just 8-week-old puppies.

And, all of them will require extensive care from basic vaccinations to spaying and neutering. Many haven’t been socialized properly.

The animal shelter is now seeking donations to help care for the pups.

Eight 8-week-old puppies were among those given up. Photo: Animal Humane Society/Facebook

An anonymous donor has already stepped up pledging to match gifts, dollar-for-dollar, up to $25,000, the shelter announced.

“We will continue to work with each dog, gaining their trust and healing their wounds – showing them all that your love makes possible for the animals in our care,” the shelter added.

The dogs were bred for future animal testing purposes. Photo: Animal Humane Society/Facebook

The humane society will be assessing all the animals before they will be available for adoption — hopefully over the next several days.

“We are overwhelmed at the supportive response from our animal loving community,” the shelter added.

Prospective pet parents should keep an eye on the group’s website to see when the beagles are ready to find their forever homes.

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