Animals get up close and personal with pumpkins at zoos around the world

‘Tis the season — for zoo animals and pumpkins.

Like this elephants with some giant-sized gourds doing a monstrous smash.

Thank you, Oregon Zoo.

There’s also the smash and grab at the Indianapolis Zoo.

There’s the stomp and also the chomp.

Right on, Oak Creek Zoo.

Who’s there? Good work, Lincoln Children’s Zoo.

And there? Thanks, Point Defiance Zoo.

And up there at the Valley Zoo.

Or balance with the greatest of ease. This cat’s got class at Zoo Boise.

And a smash, at Lincoln Park Zoo.

Looking forward to the stomp, Oklahoma City Zoo

The good old treat or treat. Well done, Oak Creek Zoo.

You can always find a surprise inside.

Everyone at the Brookfield Zoo knows that.

And are two-teeth-worthy bite at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Pumpkin spice really is taking over the world.

Not even the Texas Zoo is immune to fall’s fabulous fruit.

Lion know what the world’s talking about at the Denver Zoo.

You can’t just have one at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Same goes at Reid Park Zoo.

Where everything is coming up pumpkin-rific.

Just have the whole thing. That’s the way they do it at the Columbus Zoo.

Same is true at the Maryland Zoo.

And in San Francisco.

Even the Easter Bunny came early for pumpkin spice at the Blank Park Zoo.

Or, just thinking about fall.

When the weather’s always delightful at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Pumpkins are mere toys at the Virginia Zoo.

Same goes at Binghamton Zoo.

Mine mine mine. Not yours at Woodland Park Zoo.

I love lamp, er, pumpkin at Philadelphia Zoo.

Makes one mean latte, at the Oakland Zoo.

Happy fall, to all.

If you dare.

Happy Halloween, animal style.

Main photo Oregon Zoo/Twitter

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