Anxious goat wears duck costume and instantly feels better while Internet goes awwww

We’ve written about the goat rescue organization Goats of Anarchy before but it was time to revisit them after the Dodo and other news organizations not to mention Leanne Lauricella’s thousands of followers noticed that one of her goats Polly was wearing a duck.

Lauricella, a former event planner from Manhattan who moved to a rural area so she could start helping goats, explained that the costume was the only thing that could calm Polly down. Polly also got outfitted with other friends from the critter kingdom, a unicorn costume and a wolf costume.


Lauricella says she has to carry Polly around sometimes when she’s doing her chores because the little goat doesn’t like to be left alone.

Volume UP!!!!!

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If this isn’t the most adorable thing you see on the Internet today, please send in what you think gives a goat wearing Halloween costumes a run for the money.


h/t: Instagram Goats of Anarchy

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