Arizona family comes home to bobcat in their dog bed

It’s not your usual cat burglar.

But an Arizona family came home to find one very comfortable bobcat curled up in their pooch’s dog bed.

Wild bobcat making itself at home in Arizona. Photo: Arizona Fish & Game Department/Twitter

The Arizona Game and Fish Department said the big cat broke into a San Manuel home Monday where it was lounging quite happily for an unknown amount of time and the family pet was gone.

“The homeowner, who found it upon returning from work, suspects it entered through an unlocked doggie door,” the department said. “The bobcat escaped before an officer arrived.”

The wild animal didn’t appear to be injured, but no doubt a little angry after being disturbed from its cat nap.

The bobcat got in the family’s dog door. Photo: Arizona Fish & Game Department/Twitter

However, the whereabouts of the family pet, Squeakers, was initially unknown.

But by Tuesday the little pup turned up seriously injured at the Veterinary Speciality Center Tucson.

“The family asks that you show your support on Instagram at Squeakers2023,” the department said.

It’s there where the family showed how Squeakers survived quite a tangle with the wild animal after the unexpected home invasion. Many stitches could be seen on the dog’s back end. The pooch is now fitted with a cone.

“Thank you all for you concerns,” the family wrote. “The staff at Veterinary Specialty Center Tucson did an amazing job patching me up after I met up with the bobcat.”

By Thursday, Squeakers was back at the scene of the crime.

Squeakers a little worse for wear after the ordeal. Photo: Squeakers2023/Instagram

“As an update, I’m home relaxing in a new bed and taking it easy while I heal up,” the family posted.

The family is now fundraising to pay veterinary bills coming from the attack.

“My name is Squeakers and I was attacked by a bobcat yesterday,” the family posted on its gofundme. “I survived but was seriously injured and am in need of surgery. My goal is $3,300.00 to cover medical expenses to help my owners cover the costs.”

“Any overages will be donated to a local charity to help other people and animals in need that cannot afford it,” the family added.

In just one day, they already exceeded the goal of $3,300.

Squeakers in happier times. Photo: Nikola Zovko/gofundme

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