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February 13, 2020, No comments

A kangaroo has been found decapitated by a local resident in a Perth suburban park in Australia. Resident Daniel Lizzi found the decapitated animal at Yellagonga Regional Park in Woodvale […]

Australia identifies 113 species in need of emergency help because of wildfires

February 13, 2020, No comments

A panel of experts in Australia have identified 113 animal species that are in need of urgent help after devastating bushfires killed more than a bill ...

Meatless Monday: Chicken carcass chucking event set to go ahead despite protests

February 10, 2020, No comments

A local bar in the Niagara region has been hosting a chicken chucking event for 20 years and will go ahead this year despite demands from an animal ri ...

Mike Bloomberg shakes dog’s snout, gets endorsed by other doggies saying they don’t mind

January 30, 2020, No comments

Does former NYC mayor and Democratic presidential nominee hopeful Michael Bloomberg know how to pet a dog? A viral video shot by Christopher J. Hale s ...