Baby kangaroo and baby wombat = mega cuteness

Orphaned baby animals. Need we say any more?

These two cuties became fast friends after they were bunked together. Anzac is the little kangaroo, Peggy is the tiny wombat.

The two shared a pouch at the Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre in Victoria, Australia.

Anzac was abandoned by his mama. Peggy was orphaned. It’s a true match but it may not last. Peggy will become powerfully built, weighing about 30kg – about the size of a small pig, although wombats are rarely dangerous.

But Anzac will become a lot taller and weigh about anything upwards of 30kg.

The Daily Mail noted that the two orphans are both herbivores so they won’t be a threat to each other.

h/t: Daily Mail 

Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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