Backyard dog gets first taste of Christmas with a loving family

For years, Bean was relegated to a dirty, outdoor pen where the beagle lived alone without companionship.

For about three of those years, PETA fieldworkers visited the lonely beagle, cleaned up trash, replaced a rotting doghouse, brought him food, water and affection.

Bean gets a visit from a PETA fieldworker. Photo: PETA

And in return, the dog offered nothing but love.

Bean remained happy-go-lucky. Photo: PETA

Bean’s owner refused to give him up — until now.

“Everything changed when Bean’s owner finally agreed to let PETA find him a new home—and this year, for the first time, he’s celebrating Christmas not only indoors but with a family that loves him,” the animal rights group said while releasing a heartwarming video.

The group documented the pup’s status this fall.

Along with his new life, Bean was groomed, vaccinated and neutered. He also mastered napping, playing and snacking indoors.

It is a happy ending — one that all pets deserve.

“Bean’s first joyful Christmas is a reminder that the holidays aren’t about gifts under the tree but rather the difference that we can make for the most vulnerable among us,” PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien said in a statement. “PETA hopes that this happy story will warm people’s hearts and inspire them to look out for neglected ‘backyard dogs’ during this tough winter and beyond.” 

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