Bad dad Kevin Spacey turned into a cat for new movie Nine Lives

Nine Lives has everything in a movie that makes us want to love it – and hate it.

Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, Christopher Walken and cats. Specifically, Mr. Fuzzypants. More specifically, Kevin Spacey, who plays a successful businessman who also happens to be a pretty lousy dad, who is bewitched with the punishment of inhabiting the body of Mr. Fuzzypants in order to teach him a life lesson.

Because, of course.


The trailer promises, “This Summer’s Purrfect Comedy for the Whole Family!”

So here it is. You’re welcome.

The reviews. Well, at least the comments on YouTube, have not been flattering.

Jack Stevens wrote: “This trailer makes me want to drown kittens.”

Somebody going by the handle Stribbles concurred:  “This actually looks like the worst movie I have ever seen/heard of.Please, kill me now.”

On the upside, darkwolf262 wrote, “That cat is GORGEOUS.”

So, hey. There is that.


Photos Nine Lives/Twitter/Instagram

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