Bear and coyote hit the green at Whistler Golf Club

Whistler, B.C. is known for its natural beauty, outdoor activities and wildlife.

And sometimes the all show up at once.

Take for example a black bear recently caught on video at the Whistler Golf Club putting a wily coyote through its paces.

“Everyone chasin our tee times…. book online now!” the club posted on Facebook June 7, along with a video that has been viewed more than 25,000 times.

But maybe turn the sound off or you’ll hear some salty language.

The video left people wondering what the pair was up to.

“They’re playing.,” the golf club posted. “Bear is drunk on dandelions.”

But Aspen  Stevanovski, a carnivore biologist who studies coyotes with POUNCE Conservation, suggested there’s something a little more going on here.

“My guess is that there are pups in the area. Mom and Dad coyotes are very devoted, as are any caretakers in the pack (sometimes a past pup will stay, or an aunt, or rarely an unrelated individual). If that’s the case, the coyote is baiting the bear in a chase to get it away from possibly vulnerable pups. When it comes to humans, coyotes may act similarly, going the wrong way in order to lead you away from the pups,” she wrote.

Photo: Whistler Golf Club/Facebook

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