Bear Grylls’ reality show The Island has baby turtles and a pig shipped in for slaughter

Bear Grylls has a reality show called The Island in the UK in which the reality series features male and female contestants struggling to survive after being abandoned on a deserted Pacific island.

But now the show which features the adventurer as the host has been labelled as death in the name of entertainment after a domestic pig was killed in a gruesome way. As the pig was sleeping, some of the contestants snuck up on it and one plunged a knife in the defenceless animal.

The pig could be heard squealing throughout the attack.

And in the most recent episode a group of baby turtles creates a dilemma when one of the team’s discovers a group of baby turtles hatching on the beach.

The starving contestants debate whether they should eat the baby turtles. Finally they chose to eat the dead baby turtles, the ones who did not make it to sea after hatching.

Once reunited, the group are able to hunt down a pig and immediately seize the opportunity to provide the group with a meal they hope will sustain them until the last day.

Grylls has made this comment:

“In 21st century Britain, I think we’re so used to getting out meat pre-packaged off a supermarket shelf and in many ways, we’ve kind of lost touch from actually where it comes from…many people understandably find the whole idea of killing an animal either cruel or definitely upsetting and yes, it’s never pleasant to take a life but in a survival situation, when it comes down to it, it’s a simple choice… them or you.

Whether to hunt or not seems to be a debate that won’t end any time soon, but in this case, it seems as if it was done for entertainment.

The final episode airs next week in Britain.

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