Bears in a backyard New Jersey pool gets kid worried about cubs stealing toy

Two moms of the year right here. The first, a mama bear takes her five cubs for a dip in a backyard pool in Rockaway, New Jersey.

The other, mama human bear is the voice of reason and calm curiousity as the family of bears come into their backyard to have some fun.bear3

Sophie, the girl, is heard exclaiming, “There are bears in the pool!”

And then the dad human worries that the bears are messing up the pool  and are going to poke holes with their feet to puncture up the inflatable pool to which the human mom replies “Tim, leave them alone. Water’s already dirty.”

The human mom and the family watches as the bears frolic first in the pool, with one cub balancing on the edge and others discovering the plastic slide.images-2

At one point Sophie declares, “He’s taking my floatie” and another time watches as the “baby one is eating my car.”

When the mama bear paddles about and takes the hose, the human mama figures out that the pool is shot. (It’s not, actually, showing amazing durability.)

Human mama tells Sophie not to worry that daddy is going to get a new pool if the bears damage the other one, to which Sophie complains. “I don’t want a new pool, I like that pool.”

So do the bears, Sophie.

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