Beat a case of the Mondays with this “heartwarming rescue” of a dog down a well

Animal Aid Unlimited once again puts compassion into action.

This time, a street dog fell down an open well. These handmade well are really common in India, particularly in rural regions. When these local villagers noticed the wayward pooch, they called Animal Aid to effort a rescue.

“We found her desperately struggling to stay on a few rocks she was able to use as a perch,” the group noted on YouTube, where it posted the rescue over the weekend. “It’s heart-breaking to imagine what would have happened to her without rescue.”

Instead, the group called it, and rightfully so, a “heartwarming rescue.”

First, the group’s volunteer, Ganpat, was harnessed and slowly lowered into the well.


Once the dog saw him, she started wagging her tail.


The group posted this account on Facebook:

“This darling girl had first been seen by villagers helplessly swimming in the well before she had found the tiny perch that she was balancing on to keep herself from drowning. It is so heartbreaking to imagine what would have happened to her if we hadn’t been able to rescue her. How she would have become exhausted from holding on to the rocks and would have fallen back in the water, and eventually drowned when she couldn’t hold on anymore. To see her start to wag her tail when Animal Aid rescuer Ganpat reached the bottom was such an emotional moment. She is such a good girl and her relief after getting warmed up and being cuddled was truly one of the happiest moments for all of us, and I’m sure it will be for you too!”

And, clearly this is one happy pooch.


Photos Animal Aid Unlimited India/YouTube

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