“Beautiful cat” dumped on southern Ontario roadside with scratching post

It is a shocking case of animal abandonment.

Pickering Animal Services east of Toronto is now asking for help after a male cat was dumped at the side of a road earlier this week with his scratching post and other belongings.

“We cannot comprehend this act of cruelty. If you are looking to rehome your pet, please bring them into the shelter,” Lindsey Narraway, supervisor of city’s animal services department, said in a statement. “We will ensure they are kept safe and taken care of, giving them the best chance at finding a new home.”

The cat was spotted around 8 am on March 16 by operations staff, who were driving along Concession 7 and Brock Road. A photo was snapped of the helpless kitty huddled inside a compartment of the scratching post. His other belongings thrown beside him.

“Abandoning an animal like this is extremely neglectful, as they are left to fend for themselves against coyotes, vehicular traffic, and the weather,” the City of Pickering posted on social media.

Animal Services is asking anyone who has information about the cat or its owner is asked to call officials at 905.427.0093 or visit pickering.ca/animals.

“This beautiful cat will be cared for at the shelter, assessed medically, and when ready, find his forever home,” the city added.

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