This is how it begins: 52 baboons escape from Paris Zoo, all recaptured

Let’s not rush to judgment.

But anyone who has seen Planet of the Apes know how organized apes can be.

Baboons may have their own agenda and plans we humans aren’t privy to. For a brief few hours, 52 baboons in Paris were unshackled from human eyes and almost made it to freedom.

Late Friday morning, a zoo worker at Parc Zoological noticed the presence of a baboon in the service corridor of the enclosure. The zoo immediately triggered its rescue plan when animals leave their enclosure. The fire brigade was contacted, the national police and visitors at the park were confined and then evacuated. The park was shut down.

Three marksmen armed with hypodermic guns were called to the zoo in case they were needed to tranquilize the animals. There was no shots fired.

Within hours, the animal team began returning the animals to their boxes and counting them. That’s when they saw three baboon were missing. Two females and a little baby baboon were later found underneath a big rock.

The park is located in Vincennes in the southeastern outskirts of the French capital.

Paris zoological park underwent a total overhaul between 2008 and 2014, and was feted as being far more respectful of animals and the environment when it re-opened four years ago.

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