Bentley, dog of Dallas nurse with Ebola, to be saved

Bentley, the dog belonging to a Dallas health care worker who contracted Ebola, will be spared the fate of Excalibur, the dog that was euthanized after its Spanish owner, also a nurse, contracted the deadly virus.

Nurse Nina Pham was caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, who died last week of the virus in Texas, raising fears that her one-year-old dog, a King Charles spaniel, could also contract the virus. It’s unclear whether the virus can be spread through dogs although the first case of human Ebola was passed from a bat. Now, the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center is caring for the dog after a careful rescue process.

“DAS Operations Manager Dr. Cate McManus just got off the phone with Nina Pham,” the organization posted on Facebook. “Nina thanked Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center for caring for #Bentley and appreciated the peace of mind of knowing he was safe. Best Wishes Nina!! #Ebola #Dallas.”

The group has been keeping animal lovers abreast of developments in Bentley’s care.

 “The Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center and Dallas Fire-Rescue team caring for #Bentley this morning,” the group added. “Hope #NinaPham knows how much we care! #Ebola.”


Rescuing Bentley was no easy task.




Last week, officials in Spain euthanized Excalibur despite pleas from hundreds of thousands of animal lovers around the world. The dog’s owner Teresa Romera Ramon contracted Ebola after caring for two patients with the virus.


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