Berlin zoo’s twin panda cubs are turning black and white and cute all over

Meng Meng made history in Germany.

She became the first giant panda to give birth in that country. And, she did with flourish delivering twins at the Berlin Zoo on Aug. 31.

The twins, born an hour apart and at 186 grams and 136 grams, are now a month old. They are growing strong doubling and tripling their birth weights. And, the fuzzy pink newborns are now starting to look like actual pandas.

Their black spots and white fur are now really coming in.

Meng Meng, and a male panda, Jiao Qing, are loan from China, as part of that country’s kind of “panda diplomacy” mission in 2017.

Eventually, both of them, and their twins will return to China.

Berlin has been home to a handful of other pandas, including Bao Bao, who died at the age of 34 in 2012.

As any mother of twins knows, it’s not easy.

It’s even more challenging for giant pandas.

Twins aren’t common; and survival of both babies is even more rare.

That’s why Meng Meng has been caring for them in shifts.

It’s double happiness for Meng Meng, and the zoo.

Panda are an endangered species, according to the World Conservation Union.

There are 1,864 of them in the wild in China at last count. A few hundred more live in zoos around the world as part of conservation partnerships.

Pro panda mom. Photo: Berlin Zoo

Photos Berlin Zoo/Twitter

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