From a big dog to a long cat and a leaping llama, meet the newest Guinness World Record holders

If there could be a record for the best record-keeper, Guinness would surely win.

The latest entries to the venerable Guinness World Records are veritable who’s who of the critter world.

The newest record-holders include a giant dog, a very long cat and a leaping llama. There are also some mad pet skills that will make any dog or cat owner green with envy. Seriously, these real-live critters of a certain esteem were announced this week as the best – or at least the biggest – in the world.

There’s Lizzy. The tallest living female dog.

The Great Dane is “HUGE” (emphasis belongs to Guinness) standing 96.41 cm (37.96 in) tall. The Florida dog towers over the cats and tiny terriers in her life.

Bow wow! Lizzy is one huge pooch.
Bow wow! Lizzy is one huge pooch. Guinness World Records

“Lizzy is so tall, has to eat her food from a bowl that sits on a chair as she cannot reach the floor, and her water bowl has to stay in the garage because she makes such a mess!” according to Guinness.

Her owner says she’s sociable, doesn’t make a peep and is really a gentle giant.

There’s Ludo. The longest domestic cat alive.

Ludo is a Maine Coon cat who stretches 118.33 centimetres (3 ft 10.59 in) long.

Hello kitty. Ludo is one long cat. Guinness World Records

He is one of three Maine Coons in Kelsey Gill’s house in Wakefield, South Yorkshire. She says he’s rather a “relaxed and laid back cat,” who loves sleeping (don’t they all?) But he’s also “quite clumsy” and not as agile as most cats, she says.

There’s Caspa. Highest jump by a llama.

Who knew this was even a record to be held? But Caspa the llama, who hails from Porthmadog, Wales, went through the paces of a “carefully-designed exercise program” to become a record-holder.

Leaping Llama. Look how Caspa jumps. Guinness World Records

Eventually, owner Sue Williams, coaxed some agility out of her rather unfriendly farm animal, and Caspa soared over a high jump bar standing 1.13 m (3 ft 8.5 in).

Oh, and of course don’t forget the (not-so) stupid pet tricks.

There’s Didga,  the Australian skateboarding cat we introduced you to before, who is now a record-holder for performing 20 tricks in one minute. As you do.

But on the cat versus dog front, Didga was outdone by Smurf, the dog that performed 32 tricks in one minute to land in the record book.

We bow to you Smurf, one extraordinary little terrier.

h/t The Guardian Photos Guinness World Records/YouTube

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