Bill Gates, as Secret Santa, sent Reddit user totally cool gifts for her dog

A Reddit user scored the big jackpot this past Christmas after getting billionaire Bill Gates as her Secret Santa.

Turns out, Gates is a pretty thoughtful guy and very very generous.

The Louisiana woman with the username Aerrix says she used her dog as scale to show how massive her gift box sent from Redmond, Washington was.


Among the gifts Aerrix got from Gates:

  • Three special edition wireless XBOX one controllers
  • XBox One Minecraft Edition
  • DVDs
  • Cookbook
  • A specially made photoframe with Bill Gates photoshopped in the family pic
  • An NES classic edition

But what we at Critterfiles liked was Bill Gates shopping for Aerrix’s dog.


I got everything out and laid it out all nice, and there was glitter EVERYWHERE. I just had to go for the two unwrapped boxes that said “Aerrix’s Mittens” and “Clairrix’s Mittens” first. My dog’s name is Claire, btw, how freakin CUTE IS THAT?! He got me ZELDA MITTENS and you guys, matching ones for my DOWG!

Well-played Bill Gates. You win the title as best Secret Santa ever.

Richard Branson, if you want to try and top that, please let us know.

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