Bird seeks refuge from B.C. wildfires on firefighter

By now the wildfire situation across British Columbia is pretty well known: It’s near apocalyptic with 262 fires currently burning and blanketing the province in smoke.

Firefighters from across Canada and around the world have joined the fight in the air and on the ground.

Amid all the destruction, one light-hearted moment emerged for a firefighter from Alberta.

“Our firefighters met this brown-headed cowbird as they searched for and extinguished hot spots on a wildfire near Takatoot Lake, northwest of Prince George, BC.,” Alberta Wildlife tweeted Monday.

The bird hopped on a shoulder. Photo: Alberta Wildfire/Twitter

The feathered friend took a shoulder and topped the firefighter’s head.

It was a bright spot during so much devastation.

Though exactly why the bird sought human refuge is unclear.

Call it a bird’s eye view. Photo: Alberta Wildfire/Twitter

Almost 70 per cent of the fires have been sparked by lightning during a bone-dry, and extremely hot summer in B.C., according to B.C. Wildfire. Another 8 per cent have been set by people and more than 20 per cent have unknown causes.

Fire bans are in place across the province. Half of the fires are still considered out of control, which is why so many resources have been called in to help.

“Good luck to all our firefighters and staff who continue to help fight wildfires in BC!” Alberta Wildfire tweeted.

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