Black cat runs onto ice during Stanley Cup playoffs, cursing Nashville Predators

Superstitious folks don’t like the idea of a black cat crossing their path. But what about one sliding across the hockey rink during the Stanley Cup playoffs?

On Friday night, as the San Jose Sharks got ready to host the Nashville Predators in the first game of second round in the Western Conference, a curious kitty scampered off the bench and onto the ice.

Too many men, er cats, on the ice/
Penalty for too many men, er cats, on the ice?/

The fleet-footed cat looked a little like Bambi on ice as it crossed in front of the San Jose bench.

This little kitty owned the ice for a full 17 seconds in San Jose/Sportsnet Canada/YouTube

“The Nashville Predators won’t need their signature catfish when a regular cat will do,” Sportsnet Canada noted in its YouTube upload of the incident. “Watch as a black cat curses the Sharks and predicts certain victory for the visitors in Game 1.”

But after a stellar third period, the Sharks turned their fortunes around to beat the Preds 5-2. Who says black cats are bad luck?

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