Bobcat mother and kitten are par for the course in Arizona woman’s backyard

An Arizona woman has hit a hole in one — at least in terms of backyard wildlife viewing.

Tracie Robbins has spent the weekend at her home outside Tuscon in southern Arizona marvelling at a bobcat mother and kitten making the most of her backyard putting green.

“Sweet bobcat mama and kitten! Lots of entertainment in my backyard this morning,” she posted Saturday to the glee of more than 5.3 Twitter users.

Talk about a hole-in-one. Photo: Tracie Robbins/Twitter

But don’t worry, she’s not doing anything but watching them.

“Enjoying the show & leaving them alone,” she explained.

Robbins said she lives on the southeast side of Oro Valley, where bobcats visit their home from time to time.

“We go months without a sighting and then sometimes we see them for days in a row,” she explained.

Another resident said there were two kittens last week, but this weekend, sadly only one could be seen.

But it was certainly having fun with its mom.

By Sunday morning the mother cat was pouncing on balls and the kitten was leaping at the flag.

When the mother and baby aren’t playing the course, they are also busy being bobcats. Drinking water from the birdbath and eating mice, lizards and rabbits.

“I watched her nursing the kitten and also sharing a field mouse with it,” Robbins added.

A bobcat and her kitten are frequenting a very exclusive golf course. Tracie Robbins/Twitter

People also wondered if Robbins is a golfer, but it turns out, the course was there when they moved in — though they do putt from time to time.

“The fence keeps out the javelinas. The bobcats go right through it or hop over the rails! We have birds, snakes, coyotes, lizards, cotton tails, mice, rock squirrels, badgers, pack rats,” she said.

And with that all that wildlife in the area, it made people wonder how Robbins could feel safe in her own yard.

“You always look first, step carefully,” she added. “Rattlesnakes are usually the concern around here.”

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