Bohemian Catsody is the Queen parody we all need to really enjoy Caturday

Consider it a rock opera for the scratching post set.

Shirley Serban has created a Caturday masterpiece in “Bohemian Catsody,” which has now been viewed more than 3.3 million times since she posted it earlier this month on YouTube.

“Cats are royalty,” Serban writes. “We are their willing servants. Bohemian Catsody – enjoy a parody song of the Queen classic, Bohemian Rhapsody, this time, all about CATS!”

And she really nails cat-life — something cat-lover Freddie Mercury no doubt would have purred about.

From the midnight crazies to mice beheadings and keyboard claiming, this parody is 100 per cent feline fine.

Ode to cats in Bohemian Catsody. Photo: Shirley Serban/Youtube

The New Zealand woman has long been writing songs since she was a kid, but the pandemic really ramped up the passion.

“With the onset of Covid-19, I have been creating and sharing ‘relyriced’ classic songs, as well as a few originals about current events to help keep myself happy – and I’ve found that others enjoy them too,” he writes on her YouTube channel. “The purpose – to educate and bring joy in these dark times. Yes, the pandemic is serious, but yes, we can all do with a bit more joy.”

At one point in his life, Queen frontman Freddie Mercury had 10 cats. Photo: Shirley Serban/YouTube

And, Bohemian Castody strikes all the right chords for cat owners.

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