Brave house cat takes on cougar

Tom Mabe has made a career out of pranking people, particularly telemarketers. The Louisville, Kentucky-based comedian is also a bit of a YouTube sensation. While visiting a friend outside Boulder, Colorado recently, he turned the camera on the house cat, which just happened to be going eye-to-eye with a cougar, creating one of the world’s hottest viral videos with around 4 million clicks.

This week we told about a house cat taking on a bear in Alaska, Here’s what happens when one brave kitty stands up to a mountain lion.


“Where are the kids?” his wife asks.


“They’re out back,” Mabe replies.


“Tommy, are you kidding me?” she yells.


Shhhh. Don’t scare the cat. And, don’t worry, dear viewer, they’re still in bed.


Photos Tom Mabe/YouTube


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