Buddy the German Shepherd leads trooper to injured owner after shed exploded

Consider this Critter Files version of Throwback Thursday.

A story from a few years ago that still makes us watching the video feel a moment of tremendous relief when we finally figure out what Buddy is doing.

The first thing we see is a truck driven by an Alaskan State trooper driving along a wintry road. Then along the side of the road a German Shepherd appears and begins barking.

The truck turns to follow the dog as it begins running down the road in the opposite direction.

As the dog runs, the truck follows and finally comes across a fire raging in a shed.

Turns out the fire was started after Buddy’s owner Ben Heinrich accidentally tipped over some items onto something inflammatory. Once Ben and Buddy got out, the owner turned to the dog and told him to go get help.

That’s exactly what Buddy did. He ran out to the road and that’s when Alaska State Trooper Terrance Shanigan saw the dog.

Shanigan was in the area after neighbours called in a fireball erupting in the dark.

Buddy was later rewarded with a silver bowl by state troopers and by his owner something even better: a steak dinner.



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