Bullied, shy Sophie Roper only had ferrets as friends, now she’s Victoria’s Secret Angel hopeful

Sophie Filomena Roper didn’t have a lot of friends growing up as a teenager in Scotland.

Her family had moved there from London and Roper admitted she had a tough time fitting in, she said in an interview in the Daily Record.

“A lot of the time I would be deceived into thinking they were my friend but I was just being used as a prop in their schemes.

“I would get a lot of grief for trying to get along with people and would get slagged off a lot for what I was wearing because I didn’t care at the time.

Roper told the newspaper that her ferrert Sasha, Sunny, Mr Blister, and Baby, helped her overcome her shyness.

To avoid looking like she was alone, Roper said she would take the ferret out on long walks. Her stepfather also had ferrets while he was growing up.

Nowadays, Roper has lots of friends and people who want to know her better. The wannabe Victoria’s Secret Angel has fulfilled her dreams of being in Paris Fashion Week and also has walked down the runways during London Fashion Week.

Photo credit: Facebook Daily Record, Facebook Sophie Filomena Roper 

h/t: Daily Record

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