Calgary’s elephants make public debut in Washington, D.C.

Asian elephants Swarna, Maharani and Kamala have now completed a 30-day quarantine period at their new home at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. And so, the trio ventured outdoors on Monday and strutted their stuff for the public for the first time in Washington, D.C. They trekked 2,500 miles by truck last month from the Calgary Zoo. “Swarna and Kamala calmly explored their new habitat, snacking on leaves and dusting themselves with sand. Maharani was a bit more nervous exploring the new yard, but quickly adjusted and trumpeted loudly,” the zoo posted on Facebook. elephantsinDC This brings the herd to seven Asian elephants and establishes a multigenerational herd such as those found in the wild, officials said. But the new elephants will not physically interact with Bozie, Shanthi, and Ambika until the zoo’s curator and elephant keepers feel they have settled into their new habitat. Photos Flickr/Smithsonian’s National Zoo

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