How a Canadian talks to bears: “I need you guys to go. Okay? … Have a good day.”

File under Canada.

Jordan Cote spotted a mother bear and two cubs in his Vancouver Island backyard.

But in true Canadian style he didn’t yell or shoo them away with shotgun.

“I need you guys to go. Okay. I need you to go,” he says at the mother bear pauses from eating to look and turn. “Thank you. I’ve got to go to work. Hope you enjoyed my yard. Have a good day. Bye now.”

The only thing he didn’t say: Sorry.

But he did post the adorable video to the Meanwhile in Sooke Facebook group with the comment: “How a Canadian responds to wildlife😅”

The encounter, of course, is going viral.

Because, Canada.


“This is amazing!” the Facebook group¬†where it all began posted.

“Thanks to Jordan Cote for this amazing video!”

Photo Jordan Cote/Meanwhile in Sooke

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