“Canine Keith Richards” cut off after indulging in drug binges

Carter, the Pomeranian, was already into the Valium when he had to make another visit to the vet at the Yaletown Pet Hospital in Vancouver.

That’s when the vet noticed the puppy’s unsteadiness and wonky walk.

According to the SPCA search warrant obtained by the CBC, the pooch had dilated eyes when it showed up twice in August at the pet hospital.

The dog already was on prescription Valium for anxiety issues.

The little pup’s drug habit was so bad SPCA officers had to talk to Carter’s owner.

CBC broke the story and the words Canine Keith Richards is now legendary in the newsroom.

It turns out Carter has been snacking on its owner’s weed.
Records show the Pomeranian has been to the vet on seven other visits and had been on benders including cocaine, methamphetamine, Zanax, ecstasy and even oxycodone.

“Dog seen for dilated pupils. Owner admitted to giving Valium at home. Toxicity shows positive for Benzo (Valium) and possibility of cocaine, methamphetamine,” said one record.

Symptoms of drug ingestion included stumbling, stuporous appearance, panting, slow heart rate, dilated pupils, hyper sensitivity to stimuli and dribbling urine.

The dog has since been removed from the owner’s home.

h/t: CBC

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