Canterbury Cathedral cat sneaks Shove Tuesday pancake during sermon

Tiger the resident cat at the Canterbury Cathedral played a little fast and loose with the commandment against stealing.

The sly kitty first cozied up to the Dean of Canterbury, who was recording a morning prayer for Shove Tuesday, before sniffing around a plate of pancakes for a tasty treat.

As the Very Reverend Dr Robert Willis reads from the Holy Book, he scratches Tiger, who appears to be well-skilled in the art of distraction.

“Lord God of hosts, show the light of your countenances and we shall be saved,” he says as Tiger sees his chance to sneak a flapjack.

Closing the book, the dean then says: ‘Well, Tiger has found some breakfast. It’s Pancake Day for him as well so we’re not too sorry about that.”

Tiger sneaks a pancake on Shove Tuesday. Photo: Canterbury Cathedral/Twitter

This isn’t Tiger’s first brush with viral video fame.

He has previously been seen tucking into a glass of milk during morning prayer.

That history was not lost on the church, which tweeted out the pancake caper.

“No longer content with stealing a sip of milk, during today’s Morning Prayer naughty Tiger set his sights on Dean Robert’s pancakes!” the church posted.

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