Cat caught stealing heaps and heaps of laundry

Bella probably thought she was getting away with it.

At least, until her human ratted her out as the neighbourhood “cat burglar” with a penchant for crisp clean clothes.

“Anyone around the Kennedy area losing laundry at night?” Shawn Bell wrote on the North Delta, B.C. Community Corner Facebook group Tuesday. “My cat keeps bringing home clothes each night and can’t find any owners.”

He also posted a photo of her rather impressive haul, which included at least one shoe.

She steals, she scores…loads of laundry. Shawn R. Bell/Facebook

It’s all getting rather embarrassing, he added after someone called his public cry for help “one of the most beautiful posts I’ve seen.”

“Thanks, but not for me, a single male with stolen mom & daughter clothes,” Bell replied. “It’s my cat, seriously.”

At least there are some items belonging to guys. Just not this particular guy.

Bella’s latest find. Shawn R. Bell/Facebook

Bell even posted a mugshot of the “cat burglar” taking a break from her nightly rounds.

Bella takes a break from casing the neighbourhood. Shawn R. Bell/Facebook

Bell thinks it possible Bella is working her way through a local thrift shop on the Lower Mainland.

But clotheslines might more likely given the variety of items with an eye for women’s and young girl’s clothing.

Anyone looking for missing clothes knows where to find them.

And, Bella will be left to lap up her new life as internet famous.

Bella is one stealth thief. Shawn Bell/Facebook

Photos Shawn R. Bell/North Delta Community Corner/Facebook



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