Cat hoping to become prime minister offers last minute advice to Canadian voters

Monday is election day in Canada, and the country’s only cat running for office is reminding people to get to the polls.

Earl Grey hasn’t publicly backed any of the three main parties, well, since he’s running for his own – the Tuxedo Party of Canada Cat Welfare Society – but he does offer this last minute advice for voters who may still be waffling.

“Tomorrow is election day in Canada. Remember to vote ABH… Anyone But Human,” his Facebook page notes.

Some fans suggested the ABH was really a dig at Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, who has his government on the line Oct. 19. An ABC – Anyone But Conservative – campaign has taken off in pockets across the country as both the New Democrats under Tom Mulcair and the Liberals, with leader Justin Trudeau, attempt to dethrone Harper.

Earl Grey, or at least a cardboard cutout of in his likeness, has met some high profile politicians along the campaign trail, including Trudeau, who is in first place according to most polls, and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.



No matter who wins tomorrow, the 11-week federal election campaign will be remembered as the longest in modern history. And, maybe, just maybe, for a plucky little feline’s attempt to put animal welfare in the national spotlight.


Photos Tuxedo Party of Canada Cat Welfare Society/Earl Grey

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