A cat ladder for stray cats in Turkey gives them access to warmth and food

In the town of Tekirdag in Turkey, stray cats can climb their way up off the cold streets.

Şebnem Ilhan, a dentist had a “cat ladder” built that leads from the streets up a few stories to her apartment. There, cats can climb in through the window.

“It is very cold here this winter. My housekeeper and I are living in the warmth. I was sad and worried about the cats outside,” Ilhan told Love Meow.

Ilhan said she sees it as her mission to help animals in need.

I don’t think I have done much at all. I try to make a difference for the animals that I touch and see,” Ilhan said. “This world is not just for us people.”

When she’s not working, she spends most of her time with the stray animals, feeding and caring for them, so they can have someone to depend on.

I try to help all the animals that I can find as much as I can,” Ilhan told Love Meow.

So far, around 10 stray cats have made their way into her home through the “cat ladder”, and the number is increasing.

h/t: Lovemeow.com

Photo credit: Şebnem Ilhan

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