Cat stuffed in backpack left in dumpster outside casino in central Alberta

Official are looking for tips to help find who is responsible for leaving a cat to die in a dumpster in Red Deer, Alberta.

It’s not clear how long the cat was in the garbage bin, but the animal was found jammed into a backpack just after 1 pm Tuesday outside the Jackpot Casino.

“A bystander reportedly was looking inside the recycling bins when she noticed the bag and it was moving,” the Companion Animal Outreach Society announced on a Facebook. “She immediately removed the bag and went to seek help.”

The good Samaritan took the black and white shorthaired cat to Youth HQ, a shelter and outreach facility, which called Alberta Animal Services. Officers then took the injured cat the Companion Animal Outreach Society for veterinary care.

The dumped cat is now in stable condition. Companion Animal Outreach Society/Facebook

“At this time the cat is stable,” the shelter said.

Now, they want tips to help to find out who dumped this helpless animal.

One very, very lucky kitty. Companion Animal Outreach Society/Facebook

“We are asking the public for their assistance in identifying the person responsible for this,” the shelter wrote.

Anyone with information should call Alberta Animal Services 403-347-2388.

Photos Companion Animal Outreach Society/Facebook

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