Cat tackles kid: Seriously, watch this video of a cat taking down an unsuspecting child

Behold a cherubic child bundled up against the cold being followed, or perhaps stalked, by a particularly ferocious feline.

Or, as John Brown aptly describes it on YouTube: “Cat body slams a kid” where he uploaded the video the other day. The 28-second video quickly amassed more than 700,000 clicks and much discussion on social media.

Here’s why. Cat follows the toddler on a snowy walk.


The youngster attempts to shake off the cat, even breaks into a trot to get away from the curious kitty.


And then, this happens.


Followed by this.


I mean seriously. Look at that cat’s face as during the takedown.


And, for the finale, the cat pins her to the ground. A person, presumably a parent, can’t help but laugh as she goes to help the child now splayed in the snow and stops filming.


And, scene.

This video may well be the best thing on the internet right now and has spawned much debate, mostly about orange cats.

Someone named “dearhero” posted this observation to Reddit:

“Orange cats I’ve noticed are definitely more needy to the point where they’ll become quite aggressive about it. Not necessarily violent but enough to trip you out, or tackle you in this case. I recall actually getting annoyed at a friend’s old orange tabby because though I’m a cat person, it genuinely would not leave me alone. I understood why he was so annoyed with his kitty.”

And, someone named “Vaynebot” also posted to the social media site, pinning the blame squarely on the child.

“The cat just wanted to cuddle. You don’t just deny cuddling to cats.”

Photos John Brown/YouTube

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