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Critters (allegedly or actually) abused by jackholes.

March 12, 2020, No comments

Wildlife conservationists are condemning the “heinous” and “selfish” poachers who killed two rare white giraffes in Kenya. The Ishaqbini-Hirola Community Conservancy and Kenya Wildlife Service are investigating the deaths of […]

Woman pets moose, almost gets trampled in Colorado

March 4, 2020, No comments

It’s incredible this needs to be repeated, but here we are. Specifically in Colorado, where the state’s Parks and Wildlife office has shar ...

Hundreds of animals found dead at epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic in China

February 22, 2020, No comments

Hundreds of animals have been found dead in Chongqing in Hubei province, a mass die-off after the Chinese government deployed a fleet of trucks to spr ...

Demolition of destroyed ape house in German zoo following fire finds more animal casualties

February 19, 2020, No comments

Zoo officials say almost double the number of casualties as previously thought have been discovered during the demolition of a facility destroyed by f ...