Cats welcome (not really) soldiers home

Remember all those dog videos on YouTube where you know exactly how excited they really are to have their owners return home?

Dogs leap into their owner’s arms, veterans hide around corners to give their dog the happiest surprise of their life, dogs can’t stop licking their owners’ faces.

Video captures those moments and it’s hard not to get a tear in your eye at seeing the love between dogs and humans.

Then you have cats and their relationship with their owners.

For every exuberant tail-wagging Labrado out there, there’s the feline equivalent of nose-in-the-air, couldn’t-care-less and “You still here?”

Kate Sidley has put together a compilation of what it’s like when soldiers come home to cats and we think Kate’s a genius.

The title of this video is called Cats Welcoming Home Soldiers and if there were captions for this, it would be “Whatever.”


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