Celebrities lend their voices to protect “outdoor dogs” on behalf of PETA

A new animal rights campaign to protect pet dogs who spend their lives outdoors now has the support of an all-star cast of celebrities.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, has recruited Casey Affleck, Priyanka Chopra, Kate del Castillo, Edie Falco, Tom Hardy, Bill Maher,  D.R.A.M. and Courtney Stodden to “guilt-trip” the “neglectful owners” of outdoor dogs.”

“Treat dogs like family,” a PETA video urges. “Keep them inside.”

“Celebrities lend their voices to help neglected and confused ‘outdoor dogs’ who have many questions for their owners. The answer is simple: Allow dogs to live indoors, and treat them like family,” says PETA.

“PETA fieldworkers encounter countless chained and neglected ‘backyard dogs’ every day. Thankfully, a slew of celebrities signed up to shine a light on the suffering of forgotten dogs:  lent their voices to the cause,” the group said in a statement.

Their plight is heightened in winter as they try to keep warm, shiver and shuffle from foot to foot, often with little or no adequate shelter. The group – and its Hollywood spokespeople – point to the animals’ need for companionship. And, they wonder whether they have access to food, water and veterinary care.


The celebrities are lending their voices to a series of shivering, desperate and lonely-looking animals.

Affleck asking: “Did you know that you would leave me to fend for myself, even when it was pouring down raining and I had no way of keeping dry?”

As part of the awareness campaign, PETA is urging people to talk to the owners of any outdoor dogs they see and try to persuade them to bring them inside. The groups is also calling on lawmakers to ban chaining animals.

“Dogs are pack animals who aim to please their guardians, and all they want is to spend time with the rest of the family—and live—indoors,” says PETA.

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