“Chaotic” goat sets off grenades injuring 40 Russian soldiers with their own boobytraps

Russian troops occupying a village in Ukraine were sabotaged by their own bombs this week by an unexpected war hero: A goat.

Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine reported on Telegram June 20 invading troops had been laying bombs around the hospital they were occupying in the village of Kinski Rozdory in Zaporizhia Oblast.

“For the purpose of ‘circular protection,’ they dispersed explosive devices in the form of ‘stretch marks’ around the perimeter of the hospital,” the ministry said.

That’s when the goat intervened.

Goats at a church in Ukraine. Photo: WikiMedia Creative Commons

“A goat came from the territory of one of the nearby farms,” the government said.

“As a result of the chaotic movement, the animal ‘neutralized’ several grenades. As a result of the chain operation of ammunition, several [Russians] received wounds of varying severity,” it explained.

Around 40 soldiers were believed to be injured in the blasts.

The fate of the goat is unknown.

But it is being heralded as the “Goat of Kyiv,” an homage to the legendary pilot the “Ghost of Kyiv,” whose exploits may well be exaggerated, but is nonetheless celebrated as a war hero.

Main photo: WikiMedia Creative Commons

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