Once hot chicken in World Cup predictions on a losing streak

July 13, 2014 FINAL UPDATE:

“For the winner, of the 2014 World Cup, Carly predicts Argentina will defeat Germany.”

Wrong. Germany beat the world, downing Argentina 1-0 in Sunday’s final. Somebody give that chicken a participation ribbon.


July 9, 2014 UPDATE:

“Even Carly couldn’t predict that historical loss for Brazil. But she was deep in thought and has faith in her upcoming predictions.”

Carly the Chicken went on to pick Netherlands over Argentina. Oh oh. This is going to be one depressed chicken. We’ll see whether the chicken is too chicken to make a prediction for the finals.

** Brazil takes on Germany in Tuesday’s semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup, but it looks like the host nation already has the match sewn up. Well, that’s if you believe Carly the Chicken. The eagled-eyed soccer prediction machine, who normally idles north of Toronto, Ontario is on a roll and picks Brazil to win. No word on the soccer point spread, but see her strut her stuff here:

Carly, who makes her selections as part of her normal feeding routine, has become a prolific poster on YouTube. And, on Monday, KFC Canada – yes, the fried chicken fast food purveyor – issued a press release, which “officially endorsed Carly the Chicken, based on her impressive accuracy predicting game scores.”

“Carly’s current accuracy rating is 80% ― and she correctly predicted Brazil’s recent win,” the company said in a statement.

The other semi-finals match takes place Wednesday pitting the Netherlands against Argentina. Carly joins a long list of animal prognosticators including an octopus, a camel, a kangaroo, guinea pigs, a sea turtle and an elephant. We look forward to the Canadian chicken’s next selection. Carly, by the way, lives in a comfortable chicken coop with free-run of a grassy field at a country home, according to KFC. Photo Carly the Chicken/YouTube

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