“Chirping” trio of cheetah cubs born at Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Sanurra is a first-time mother, but the cheetah appears to be an old pro tending to her three new cubs at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

The cubs were born Oct. 16, but the Washington, D.C.-based facility just announced the exciting news social media.

“Scientists and keepers have observed the cubs nursing and playing via a closed-circuit camera in their nest box,” the zoo said in a statement. “The cubs’ eyes and ears have opened and all appear to be healthy. Sanurra, a first-time mother, has been very attentive to her cubs and also appears to be doing well. Keepers and veterinarians will not know the sex of the cubs until they have an opportunity to do an exam. The area around Sanurra’s birthing den is being kept quiet so she can bond with her cubs.”



We have 3 new chirping cheetah cubs at #SCBI! They were born to first-time mom, Sanurra, Oct. 16, and they appear to be healthy and thriving. Their eyes and ears have opened, and they are playing in their nest box. Sanurra is the 3rd most genetically valuable cheetah in the U.S. #WeSaveSpecies

Posted by Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute on Friday, October 23, 2015



There are now 21 cheetahs at the facility.

Photos Smithsonian’s National Zoo/Flickr

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